Ubitelcare is an integrated e-health company that develops medical devices, software and related services

Our goal is to achieve your safety, well-being and quality of life thanks to our technical and clinical team


Our devices, software and services meet the highest quality and security standards

Machine Learning
The use of artificial intelligence in the field of health for the generation of knowledge is one of the keys to future health systems.
Cybersecurity and data protection
The secure exchange of information and guarantee of privacy of health data are constants in international regulations (EU GDPR, US HIPAA).
Human-centred technology design
Our team of engineers design and develop health technology solutions incorporating users throughout the design and development cycle.
Web/mobile applications
UbitelCare designs and develops mobile and web applications adapted to the needs of users and complying with accessibility and usability standards.
Technology in the service of health (e-Health)
We design and develop software tools in new healthcare scenarios (chronic diseases, self-care, remote assistance, health education, etc.).
Big Data
At UbitelCare we facilitate the management and processing of massive flows of health data for governance and decision making.
Health economics
Health economics expertise strengths the global abilities of UbitelCare by helping identifying these needs and the value offered by e-health and medical devices to the patients and the society. The principal concepts of value are summarized in the concepts of The Value of Diagnostic Information (VODI) and The Value Flower.
The Care-Nefro system offers a comprehensive service for the management of patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD), such as those on haemodialysis replacement therapy in the context of public-private dialysis centres and hospitals incorporating nephrology services.
The Care-Elder system offers a comprehensive service for the assistance to the elderly that allows to efficiently satisfy the social and assistance needs of citizens with specific needs.
The Care-Rehab system offers a comprehensive service for the e-Rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), through a distributed and customizable network of smart sensors capable of monitoring a set of parameters (physical activity, respiratory pattern, composition bodily).
The Care-Fitness system offers a comprehensive service for the monitoring of users of diet centres, gyms, sports centres and high performance centres.
The use of BIA in at-risk individuals could identify the appearance of pulmonary infiltrates as a warning sign of possible COVID-19 infection in the asymptomatic phase, creating an opportunity for early treatment in these fragile patients.
Our system enables real-time monitoring of cardiac pathology.
Juan Charneco Fernández
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
Miguel Angel Estudillo Valderrama
CTO: Chief Technology Officer
Adriana Rivera Sequeiros
Health Expert and PMO
Jorge Calvillo Arvizu
COO: Chief Operating Officer
“We believe the created startup is in line with our business strategy to develop disruptive and novel solutions to the health and the care sector therefore the startup objectives are consistent with the strategies of our organization. “
“From the Hospital San Juan de Dios del Aljarafe, Seville, we express our interest in the creation of the mentioned StartUp. We believe it is aligned with our scientific and research strategy of developing disruptive and novel solutions for the health and care sector in the field of chronicity, ageing and telemedicine.”


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